Production line: Aquasystem

Line for bakery and pastry

Food water chillers

Dosing and mixing control units, which can be combined with chillers,
to predetermine the quantity and temperature of the water for the dough


  • The use of cold water in bakery and pastry sector is very important to keep under control the final temperature of the dough.
  • The chillers are necessary for the production of refrigerated water, to prevent overheating of the dough, greatly improving the product processing and formation during the following stages of the production process.
  • The chillers allow to eliminate or reduce the use of ice, which mechanically changes gluten, with the consequent risk of compromising the finished product quality.
  • The use of refrigerated water makes the dough more homogeneous, increasing its extensibility.
  • The chillers can be connected to water meters (dosing and/or mixing units) to prearrange water quantity and temperature necessary for the dough.
  • Aquasystem

    Water chillers - dosing and mixing control units

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