Production line: Maturbiga

Line for bakery and pastry

‘Controlled climatization’ is a programmed automatic process for sourdough conservation and fermentation.
Both our MICRO C10 1.5 and PRO-10 touch screen control panel assure the process management with the complete control of times and temperature during the following working stages:

1° PHASE STOP and CONSERVATION of the mother dough
2° PHASE MATURATION (fermentation) with optimum pH control
3° PHASE CONSERVATION with the desired pH.


  • The climatized system is a methodical dosing process of the temperature, which allows a long maturation.
  • The use of the mother dough brings to perfection the quality of the finished product, with greater softness and digestibility; the flavor and aroma of bread is accentuated, extending its shelf life.
  • The conservation-maturation of the mother dough can be extended automatically for 72 hours (holiday device), renewing working methods, with great flexibility.
  • For the completed doughs processed the day before, this technique allows to obtain a high protein and natural bread.
  • Maturbiga

    Chambers of climatization for mother dough, sourdough, poolish and for completed doughs.

    • Operating temperature: +5 / +30°C
    • Control panel: MICRO C10
    • Option: PRO-10 TS touch screen
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