Deep-freezing of bread and pastry:

  • raw product
  • fermented product “ready to bake”
  • baked and partially baked product

and food in general 

  • Operating temperature: -30 / -40°C
  • Control panel: ELECTRONIC
  • Option: PRO-10 TS touch screen

Technical features

Prefabricated modular panels equipped with self-locking fasteners fitted into the polyurethane for a quick assembly, expanded rubber gaskets and plastic profiles, for a perfect and un-deformable union   

Insulation by polyurethane rigid foam: density 38-42 Kg/mc, compression resistance 1,8-2 Kg/cm2, thermal conductivity at +25°C 0,018-0,020 Kcal/m h°C   

Thickness of insulation cm 10 - 12   


  • L U X = interior in Aisi 304 stainless steel and exterior in pre-coated steel with a pet film, inox colour
  • P E T = interior and exterior in pre-coated steel with a pet film, inox colour
  • I N O X = interior and exterior in Aisi 304 stainless steel  

Insulated reinforced floor, thickness of insulation cm 10:

  • with smooth stainless steel coating
  • in multilayer phenolic plywood    

Internal sanitary profile

Insulated doors complete of gaskets and door handle closing   

External ramps and internal side protections in Aisi 304 stainless steel   

Complete control panel:

  • Optional > PRO-10 TS TOUCH SCREEN    

Complete refrigerating equipment with air-condensing unit of adequate power to be installed at distance (water-condensing or water + air-condensing on request with surcharge) 
Automatic defrosting - Internal light.   

Colip reserves the right to make changes or innovations to the construction and operation features, without notice.    


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