Production line: Sursystem

Line for
bakery, pastry and
food industry in general

Cabinets and chambers for small, medium and large productions
Industrial tunnels with automatic handling


  • Deep freezing is a special freezing process consisting in lowering the food temperature quickly, with the formation of ice micro-crystals that do not damage its biological structure.
  • The freezing allows to preserve all the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics: the structure and taste of the products indeed remain intact and are comparable to the fresh ones.
  • It is a natural process, with the absolute absence of preservatives and maximum safety from contamination, in full compliance with health and hygiene standards. 
  • Sursystem

    Deep-freezing cabinets and chambers for bread, pastry and food in general

    • Operating temperature: -30 / -40°C
    • Control panel: ELECTRONIC
    • Option: PRO-10 TS touch screen
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