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GWP = Global Warming Potential

GWP is used to indicate the quantity of carbon dioxide [CO2] equivalent to 1 Kg of refrigerant gas.
Example: R404A = GWP 3922 means that 1 Kg of R404A dispersed in the environment is equal to 3922 Kg of CO2.

The new European Regulation 517/2014 imposes a drastic reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases, with a reduction target of 79% within 2030. It is therefore essential to use low GWP gases for environmental respect.

CO2 is a natural gas with the following characteristics:

1.  plentiful in nature, easily available and cheap;
2.  not inflammable and not toxic;
3.  high environmental compatibility;
4.  high energy efficiency with annual saving of 25-30%;
5.  use of compressors and pipes with moderate dimensions;
6.  optimization of sound emissions;
7.  reduced installation time with 20-30% saving compared to traditional refrigeration systems.

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