Industry 4.0

4th industrial revolution opportunities

The concept "Industry 4.0", also referred to as the fourth industrial revolution, corresponds to a new way of organizing the production means.
The production process from the raw materials to the finished product is fully controlled, optimizing productivity and energy saving.

The chambers of our production lines equipped with PRO-10 TS touch screen control panel are a fundamental tool for all bakeries and confectioneries who wish to seize the great opportunities linked to the fourth industrial revolution.


> High resolution display 
> Innovative software for the control of production processes (retarded-proving, blast chilling, deep-freezing, conservation)
> Customized and preset programs which can be modified according to the production needs and to the tipology of the product
> Full supervision from the workstation inside the local of installation (PC of customer property)
> Included ROUTER which allows to create a private network between Colip and customer to monitor the operation of the equipment from different devices: external PC, Smartphone, Tablet and for online technical assistance.

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