Blast chilling and freezing

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The fast cooling and deep-freezing are processes of great help both for large industries and artisan laboratories.

The positive cooling (also called blast chilling) of baked and partially baked products is essential to avoid bacterial proliferation, in compliance with the health and hygiene standards (HACCP). This technique allows fast cooling of the product from +90°C to +3°C for gastronomy within 90 minutes and from +80°C to +20°C for bakery with cycles from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the type of product.

The advantages are very important for quality, food safety and work organization: the production speeds up with a considerable reduction in time and work spaces. The cooled products can be immediately packaged in a continuous cycle.

The negative blast chilling takes place when the product has to be deep-frozen, reaching a temperature of -14/-18°C at core.

Deep freezing is a special freezing process that consists to lower the product temperature quickly, with formation of micro-ice crystals that do not damage its biological structure.
A well deep-frozen product keeps intact all properties and protein content as when it is fresh.

In the specific bakery and pastry sector, deep-freezing is applied to:

  • raw product
  • fermented product “ready to bake”
  • partially baked and baked product.

It is a technique of great current trend. It is important to offer a considerable variety of products in different shapes and tastes, always fresh, of best quality with the total food safety. Four peculiar features characterise deep-frozen products:

1 Low temperature The use of low temperature -30 / -40°C is required to reach quickly the core temperature of -14 / -18°C according to the type of product (size, thickness, weight, penetration factor).
2 Blast freezing The appropiate speed of treatment time is fundamental to keep the nutritive and organoleptic properties of the product.
3 Correct packaging The correct packing is also important to respect shelf life of the product.
4 Respect for the "cold chain" During the whole marketing cycle, deep-frozen products have to be stored at -18 / -22°C. The uninterrupted continuity of the "cold chain" has to be fully respected up to the final consumer.
  • Modularsystem

    Refrigeration systems for both artisanal and industrial productions: cabinets and chambers

    • Operating temperature: Positive / Negative
    • Control panel: ELECTRONIC
    • Option: PRO-10 TS touch screen
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  • Sursystem

    Deep-freezing cabinets and chambers for bread, pastry and food in general

    • Operating temperature: -30 / -40°C
    • Control panel: ELECTRONIC
    • Option: PRO-10 TS touch screen
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